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Loses erection why?

Loses erection why?
Lost erection — what to do? This is a question asked by millions of men who first confronted with this problem. Typically, it occurs after the age of thirty, but in recent years, erectile dysfunction is getting younger, and at the crucial moment can bring even very young guy.Before you start the treatment of erectile dysfunction (and not all men in the end did not take it), need to figure out why a man loses erection. This result can give a whole range of factors from undertreated infectious diseases to normal stress. For an effective treatment it is necessary to consider a special case, most likely, research health conditions and lifestyle men will answer all the questions.

Most often the reason before intercourse erection disappears, is the poor condition of the...


Selection means for enhancing male potency: Viagra or Impaza?

Selection means for enhancing male potency: Viagra or Impaza?More recently, there was a very active advertising viagra — tools for enhancing male potency. Now, more and more advertised another drug Impaza: supposedly it’s even better increases the potency. What is the difference between them? Not dangerous for health?
Before talking about impose, say about viagra, because these drugs have a lot in common. For example, viagra and Impaza, operates on natural mechanisms of erection. Both tools increase the blood flow in the penis.

But keep in mind: this is, first, not immediately, but after an hour after ingestion, and secondly, only in an erotic situation, the intimacy must precede the love of the game, affection...


Tools to help you conceive

A decoction of plantain for menWill not be superfluous for your men to drink a decoction of plantain, it has a positive effect on sperm motility.

A decoction of plantain is prepared by a Spoonful of psyllium pour hot water and heated on water bath for 5-10 minutes. Then an hour insist.

Ready broth drink two tablespoons twice a day before meals.
Pumpkin will help to get pregnantPumpkin around the head. In addition, pumpkin contains vitamin E, it also is the main regulator of the hormonal balance of the female body. Therefore, eat pumpkin, all kinds: pumpkin juice, pumpkin pie, gratin of pumpkin and stuff like that.
Infusion knotweed for pregnancy

Another grass-assistant. To prepare a decoction of knotweed: two cups of herbs pour two cups of boiling water. Infused for 4 hours.

Ready broth...


Upland uterus for pregnancy

Very useful


decoction ortiliya one-sided or upland uterus, which can easily be purchased at the pharmacy.How to prepare a tincture of upland uterus for pregnancy: Two tablespoons herb pour water and bring to a boil. Then put half an hour in a dark place, then strain and drink one tablespoon 4 times a day.The duration of intake usually determined by the circumstances and can reach up to four months.


Vitamin E for pregnancy

Very useful will be the
consumption of vitamin E, which is found in large quantity in wheat grains, sea buckthorn, soy oil, olive oil, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, beans, oatmeal, pears, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, cheese, bananas.

Red brush and pregnancy

One such means is a red brush, a great tool to help you cope with women’s diseases, helps to rejuvenate the body and contribute to a rapid onset of pregnancy.
But it should be remembered that the red brush can not be used with other phytohormones or any other hormonal products.A decoction of the red brush to prepare: a tablespoon of chopped red brush root pour hot water and put in a water bath for 15 minutes. Then insist for 45 minutes, strain.


Sage for pregnancy

Sage for pregnancy
As for herbs and decoctions, the very popular sage. It contains the phytohormone, acting similar to female hormones. Regular intake of decoction of sage enhances “the effect of surging” when almost all the sperm reach the egg.

Method for the preparation of a decoction of sage for pregnancy: a tablespoon of herbs pour one Cup of boiling water and infused for hours.

The decoction is taken one tablespoon twice a day. During menstruation drink it is not recommended.

If pregnancy does not occur, take a break in one cycle, and then continue to take a decoction.