Tools to help you conceive

A decoction of plantain for menWill not be superfluous for your men to drink a decoction of plantain, it has a positive effect on sperm motility.

A decoction of plantain is prepared by a Spoonful of psyllium pour hot water and heated on water bath for 5-10 minutes. Then an hour insist.

Ready broth drink two tablespoons twice a day before meals.
Pumpkin will help to get pregnantPumpkin around the head. In addition, pumpkin contains vitamin E, it also is the main regulator of the hormonal balance of the female body. Therefore, eat pumpkin, all kinds: pumpkin juice, pumpkin pie, gratin of pumpkin and stuff like that.
Infusion knotweed for pregnancy

Another grass-assistant. To prepare a decoction of knotweed: two cups of herbs pour two cups of boiling water. Infused for 4 hours.

Ready broth drink 4 times a day for half a glass for 15 minutes before eating.
Ficus for pregnancy

Women often use a tool such as ficus.
It is believed that the appearance of the house ficus has a beneficial effect on conception. Do not buy a flower for yourself — ask him to give You.
Communication with pregnant women — pregnancy!

To be in contact with a pregnant woman. It is believed that your presence, fellowship, the sharing of food can affect the conception of a child is the most favorable way.

Don’t forget to ask Pat a pregnant belly. It is also believed that if a pregnant you sneeze, then this pregnancy!)
Vacation or changing jobs
Sometimes the most effective means can be any method that will distract you from constantly stress about futile attempts to have a baby. It may be a change of occupation when you need to think only in a certain direction and do everything, or Vice versa a long-awaited vacation. It is quite possible that the constant stress at work and is the main reason that you can’t get pregnant.