Selection means for enhancing male potency: Viagra or Impaza?

Selection means for enhancing male potency: Viagra or Impaza?More recently, there was a very active advertising viagra — tools for enhancing male potency. Now, more and more advertised another drug Impaza: supposedly it’s even better increases the potency. What is the difference between them? Not dangerous for health?
Before talking about impose, say about viagra, because these drugs have a lot in common. For example, viagra and Impaza, operates on natural mechanisms of erection. Both tools increase the blood flow in the penis.

But keep in mind: this is, first, not immediately, but after an hour after ingestion, and secondly, only in an erotic situation, the intimacy must precede the love of the game, affection. It is impossible to take the pill, watch TV, and then suddenly to feel an erection. It does not happen.

Contraindicated viagra and Impaza, in severe cardiovascular diseases, as well as after a stroke or heart attack, when any physical exertion dangerous. Do not use these means, if a man takes drugs containing nitric oxide — nitrate, as well as in atherosclerosis, patients with severe diabetes, damage to nerves of the genital organs, as well as in pathological venous drainage is a special development of the veins of the penis.

Neither the tool helps with erectile dysfunction caused by neurological conditions, lack of sexual desire, during the so-called syndrome of the Manager, when a man is concerned about the Affairs, work and not to sex. In such cases, the man requires the help of a doctor-sexologist.

There are other subtleties. If the medication is taken on an empty stomach, the effect will grow faster, but if after eating, especially after fatty, the action slows down.

But viagra unlike Impaza not able to influence development in the body of specific enzyme NO-synthase, which is disrupted in hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and also at erektilnoy dysfunction (impotence). The advantage of Impaza in that it can affect NO-synthase, improving the whole chain of reactions in the sheath of the vessels.