Against Responsible Ohio And the Questions Surrounding Cannabis

Ohio citizens have long been divided on the issue of whether or not to legalize medical marijuana. One direct result of the fight was the creation of informational websites like Against Responsible Ohio. Interested parties can browse the site for information about cannabis activism efforts, drug testing issues, synthetic drugs, and the new Ohio law that allows therapeutic use of marijuana.

A New Law Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Ohio residents are searching online to find out exactly what is covered in their newly-minted ResponsibleOhio law. Although it makes therapeutic marijuana legal in Ohio, the legislation is vague in many cases. As a result, the law has frustrated many Ohioans, including some who supported it. For one thing, they feel that the law lacks clear guidelines for cannabis production, prescriptions, and distribution. Some citizens feel they have been left halfway between the old laws and the new.

Drug Testing Is Even More Important

With the status of cannabis rapidly changing all over the U.S., many citizens and business owners also access the cannabis information sites for data regarding drug testing methods and rulings. In general, online information verifies that urine testing is still the most popular and accurate test, especially for employers. The simple tests can detect a range of substances, including heroin, barbiturates, methadone, and codeine. Website visitors can also find information about testing via hair samples. Hair testing is extremely accurate, virtually impossible to tamper with, and can detect drug usage as far back as three months.

Synthetic Marijuana Has Created a New Problem

The increased awareness of marijuana use has also spurred online searches for information about synthetic cannabis. Marijuana users, parents, and employers are concerned about the synthetic products being sold because they can have dangerous effects. Often known on the street as “spice,” synthetic cannabis is created using marijuana but is treated with chemicals that have sent many users to the hospital.

The Ohio movement toward legalizing marijuana for therapeutic purposes has solved a problem but left many questions unanswered. As a result, concerned citizens have created websites that provide information about the new law as well as issues like drug testing and potentially dangerous synthetic drugs.